Can Your Furniture and Accent Pieces Be the Light Sources?

I love what you can do with light. Light is unlimited as to what it can light up but the trick is doing it all well, tastefully. Here is a line of outdoor furniture and accent pieces that are architecturally interesting and do an amazing job of lighting up your pool area or outdoor space. With the prolifference of outdoor and roof top dining experiences, this furniture would certainly set you at the top of the pack for a fun place to be. I will let photos do the talking.

The Possibilities are Endless

In our area (DC Metro) our homes tend to be more traditional in design. You see in some of the pictures, palm trees and obviously Caribbean settings suggesting that these light sources are more suited for warmer climates and more contemporary environments. Consider how you might use them? Accent planters lighting the way to your pool. Lighted planters. Round globes of light floating in the pool. No water? Same design ideas are possible. If you own a bar or a restaurant, this is perfection to set you way above your competitors. Would love to help you design it and it can all be controlled by a compact controller.

Did I Say It is Available in Color?

Why yes it is. A broad array of color is available with all of the pieces. And they can be grouped so that the left is in red and the right is in blue. The settings can also be ordered to change color shades throughout the night….blue to fuchsia to green, etc. Easy to control with a hand held pad or a tablet. The results are amazing. Having a Miami White Party? Perfect!


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