A Little Country Elegance

As many of the styles of the homes that we light up are somewhat architecturally similar, the lighting designs tend to be also similar. But every now and then that jewel comes along that is a stunning home, well landscaped and the home and it grounds have endless possibilities for lighting. This week we will complete what I would call a country villa, inside and out. Just a little history on it, it was built in 2003 taking almost two years to craft. Every attention to detail was considered. Inside and out. Unfortunately, the former owners had some health issues and were forced to sell it just after completion. My lucky clients purchased this home and have lived there ever since.

Under Lighted

The home sits on about 4 acres and is surrounded by a heavy natural wood line. You enter through the main gate, flanked on either side by four large, mature zelkova trees, two on either side, lighted with one, 5 watt par 36 lamp. The clients say that the entrance is very dim. We are added a second par 36 to each tree and upping the output to 10 watts each with a 60 degree beam spread. That theme will be repeated throughout the property. At the client’s request, the light output will be dramatically increased without making the property too bright. In this case the operative word would be “understated” elegance.

The home itself has very little lighting on it. While focusing on all aspects of the home, including the trees that anchor the foundation, the home’s front will be much better lighted using grazing techniques and up lighting specific focal points on the home’s facade.

Downlighting …. The Fun Part

Since much of the property is surrounded by a wooded tree line, front and back, we are going to utilize a fair amount of downlighting. Some uplights already exist and the downlighting techniques will add style and depth to the woodline as well as provide an added degree of safety to the property. My favorite season for seeing the results of downlighting is fall and winter. The lights are usually installed some 25ish feet up and the lights sometimes shine through the branches creating a beautiful pattern on the ground.

But My Favorite …….

But my favorite part of the property will be lighting this beautiful, mature tree that sits just outside of the client’s great room. We are going to light it using dimmable downlights and then take one par 36, 60 degree uplight and light the center of the tree from top to bottom. I sold the client on the idea that they can be inside their home watching TV or entertaining guests and look out the windows in the evening and see the tree, again, elegantly lighting the area just outside their window. And yes it will be stunning.

Check Back Next Week

Be sure to check back next week to see the results of this beautiful lighting job for the professional photos of the home in its newly lighted glory. And be sure to comment on how you like it and if some of the elements would work well on your home.

See ya!


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