A Little Country Elegance Revealed!

I am remiss in writing this post in a more timely manner. Still trying to get into the routine. But ….. the results of the installation that we recently finished were really quite stunning and most importantly, I have a very happy client.

The kind of job I like

I don’t always have the luxury of choosing the job. But some, from a finished stand point are just right up my alley and this was one of them. As you may recall, the home is a beautiful white colored, architecturally interesting home. I already had lighting but it was ill designed and executed and for the most part under powered. But most importantly the bones of the project were in place and I knew that the results would be outstanding. The home sits on about 3 acres with large expanses of grass and some very mature Zelkova trees lining the entrance to the home. The home has a circular driveway. On each of the large Zelkova trees was 1, large par 36 lamp with a 5 watt LED bulb. Way underpowered for the size of the trees. We added a second light to the back side of the tree and changed out the existing bulb to a 10 watt bulb. The results were a dramatically lighted canopy that was highly reflective off the leaves above it. Again, the client loved it.

Front of the Home Additions

The front of the home was simple to dress up. A white brick or stucco home takes well to lighting. The white is obviously highly reflective. We added up likes on the house itself, added uplighting on the ornamental trees, a few path lights to show the path to the service entrance and wallah … a remarkable difference.

My Favorite Element

And Crapes light up so well anyway!

The entrance ways looked stunning. The house was lighted perfectly. But my favorite part was a single Crape Myrtle in a narrow courtyard between the home’s side entrance and a detached single car garage (where the Maserati is garaged). The area has the one tree in it and is surrounded by blue stone slates. The tree was previously lighted with one standard bullet light that was “stuck” in the very small mulched area directly surrounding the tree. With the roots crowding the mulch bed, it was difficult anchor the lamp and target on the tree. We got rid of that lamp and drilled a hole through the slates and installed on either side of the tree a small 2″ lamp manufactured by Alliance Lighting and inserted it into the holes flush with the slate surface. As the client said, “it’s hard to believe that such a small light can light the tree so well”. Enough said. It was great.

Lots of Cool Features

As I had mentioned, the driveway was circular. The opposite entrance is similar to the main entrance but the trees are not as mature. But again, being well lighted as well as there is an island of more mature Zelkova’s like the main entrance, there is plenty of targets to light up. In between the two entrances are a number of 40″ tall monuments that serve as anchors for the front fence across the property. Each monument was lighted with a single MR-11 Lamp. It formed a nice entrance feature.

Other Elements

The left side of the property and the rear of the property are wooded areas that were nicely cleaned out so that there was depth to the woods. A number of trees were up lighted already but we added 14 “down lights” installed in the trees about 25′ feet up. The results were exactly as I wanted and expected. Rather than just seeding a shadowed, black woods, now the woods had almost a glow to them and you wanted to go back into the woods to see what is back there.


It worked out just great. For this writing I did not have a photo of this but close to the back of the home is a very tall tree that stands by it self. At the 25′ line, we installed three down lights to light up the area on all sides of the tree. As the crown of the tree is low, in that crown I installed 1 up light to light up the interior section of the tree. Again, the results were outstanding. Eureka, another outstanding project and a satisfied client.


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  1. Just beautiful Chris! The crate myrtle’s look amazing all lit up.


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