Quality is the Word for the Year!

At the beginning of the year, my wife and I like to pick one word that will set the tone for the upcoming 365 days. My word is Quality! At Beautiful Nights, we offer our clients a quality design, quality products and service, and quality guarantees that back up our maintenance and installation projects. Quality! Funny how that word starts to pervade everything we do; from splicing wire to digging a trench to bury wire in very cold weather. Quality is the goal; no short cuts, no rushing…Quality in every aspect of the job.

As we add employees and new equipment in the upcoming year that will make our job easier and more efficient, it will be our goal to convey that ethos down the line. Because if everyone is thinking that it is important to do a quality job, then it will become part of our culture. One word can make a difference and become a part of our culture for years to come.

Good Stuff We Did Last Year!

In 2019, we completed a number of exciting projects; this was our best year yet! What sets us apart and has set us up for an even better year in 2020, is the fact that our work is very creative. We tried out a number of different manufacturers and products, and feel that we have arrived at the array of fixtures that can do a beautiful job on any project, residential or commercial. We have the technical expertise to choose the right light fixture that will best light up a feature without over or under lighting the subject. We are able to make sensible recommendations to potential clients, and are comfortable educating our clients about what will not work or simply does not make sense. Take a look at some of our work, feel free to comment, and share our blog with others.

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