Surprising Conversation

Last week I had an interesting conversation with a long term client who spends half of his time in Florida and the balance of his time here in Virginia. His home in Virginia has extensive gardens and patios out his back door. Over the years we have done a beautiful job of lighting the patio and key areas, front and back, of his home. I had called to ask him how his light system was working. His response was very surprising. He commented that he rarely turns his home’s back outside lights on because he has used his outdoor space very little this year. Why is that surprising you say?

When we design an outdoor lighting system, in addition to what we want to illuminate, we also want to consider what the view would be from the inside of the home and the outside. In this case, the rear of the home has lots of glass that looks out into the garden spaces. We specifically designed it to have a beautiful view of the garden space from inside of the home, as well as from the outside. Sorry to hear that he is not taking advantage of the view.

This post is very short. As I mentioned, I was very surprised at his response. For those of you who are considering outdoor lighting for your home, be sure to account for all of the views from many different angles. Consider yourself a photographer. Get all the angles and views. We can’t always be outside enjoying your home’s beautiful landscaping. Why not enjoy it from the inside too. And as always, we would be happy to help you design a perfect outdoor lighting system.


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