Quality is the Word for the Year!

At the beginning of the year, my wife and I like to pick one word that will set the tone for the upcoming 365 days. My word is Quality! At Beautiful Nights, we offer our clients a quality design, quality products and service, and quality guarantees that back up our maintenance and installation projects. Quality! Funny how that word starts to pervade everything we do; … Continue reading Quality is the Word for the Year!

A Little Country Elegance

As many of the styles of the homes that we light up are somewhat architecturally similar, the lighting designs tend to be also similar. But every now and then that jewel comes along that is a stunning home, well landscaped and the home and it grounds have endless possibilities for lighting. This week we will complete what I would call a country villa, inside and … Continue reading A Little Country Elegance

How Do I Light Up a Tree?

I guess I should start by adding a disclaimer to this article by highlighting the “I” in the title of this article. I will never use the word “should” because that word implies that “I” am the expert and end all for How to light, up or down a tree or grouping of trees. Through my experience, the techniques and fixtures that I use seem … Continue reading How Do I Light Up a Tree?

Can Your Furniture and Accent Pieces Be the Light Sources?

I love what you can do with light. Light is unlimited as to what it can light up but the trick is doing it all well, tastefully. Here is a line of outdoor furniture and accent pieces that are architecturally interesting and do an amazing job of lighting up your pool area or outdoor space. With the prolifference of outdoor and roof top dining experiences, … Continue reading Can Your Furniture and Accent Pieces Be the Light Sources?

Technical Advances in Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting!

Low Voltage Lighting Has Never Been So Good As with so many technical components, over the past 8 to 10 years, low voltage outdoor lighting has advanced “light years” over that time. Beautiful Nights has upgraded many systems that were installed 10+ years ago. The fixtures are better. The wiring is simpler. The transformers can run so many more light fixtures, out of one transformer. … Continue reading Technical Advances in Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting!

Lights, Sails & About Me

I enjoy creating a beautiful night for my customers through unique and interesting lighting additions to their landscape. I like to think that I do things a little different that create a totally unique look that sets your home’s architecture apart from your neighbors and lights up the particularly beautiful features of your landscape. Through this blog I will show you work that we have … Continue reading Lights, Sails & About Me