Lights, Sails & About Me

I enjoy creating a beautiful night for my customers through unique and interesting lighting additions to their landscape. I like to think that I do things a little different that create a totally unique look that sets your home’s architecture apart from your neighbors and lights up the particularly beautiful features of your landscape. Through this blog I will show you work that we have done, issues that we come upon in an installation or a particularly odd maintenance issue. I also like to inform my clients about some of the latest products like colored lights controlled by your smart device or the entire system controlled by your phone. Neat stuff.

When you write your first post to your new blog, you are supposed to write a post entitled “About the Author”. I am not one for tradition much to the chagrin of my wife, so “About the Author” does not work for me. Instead the title “Lights, Sails & So Much More” is a good description of this blog. Lights, outdoors to be specific is my business that I love.

And what is the “Sails” all about? It is also important that my clients and followers know who I am. The Sails refers to my love for sailing. I am an active sailor sailing on a J42 sailboat as part of a race team. We just completed a very cool overnight race in Annapolis last weekend. Beautiful sail, decent wind for this time of year and a nearly full moon to keep this a Beautiful Night to go down in the record books. We also dabble in ocean racing and plan on completing the Annapolis to Bermuda race next June.

And then there is “About Me”. My lovely wife and I have two grown daughters and our third black lab, Bodie, is my constant companion. We live in a quiet suburb of DC, Ashburn where we have been in the same house for some 20 years. A nice place close to DC, close to the airport to get out of town. If we were to go out of town, we tend to lean toward salt air vs the mountains. I cycle a fair amount, I love to cook and as a result eat too much, music inspires me, and in general, I just love to be outdoors, hot or cold. Doesn’t really matter

I look forward to talking with you further and if you ever read something that piques your interest, good or bad, be sure to contact me.

Chris Meyer, CEO and Founder, Beautiful Nights

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  1. Dennis Bruce says:

    A great start!


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